Adding nominal account codes

! Only Administrators may access the settings menu.

Users with integrated Accounts packages

Users with integrated accounting packages are unable to add nominal account codes to the Flowlens application as these are controlled by your accounting package of choice, eg. Sage or QuickBooks.

New nominal account codes should be created within your accounting package. Once created, the nominal account codes in Flowlens can be updated by accessing them via the settings menu.

This page contains a link to 'Refresh Nominal Accounts'. Users should select this link once they are happy that all additional nominal account codes have been added to their accounting package. 

Once refreshed, the new nominals will be available in Flowlens.

Users without integrated accounting packages

Unlike users with integrated accounting packages, users without integrated accounting packages can add new nominal account codes directly to the application.

Go to 'Nominal Accounts' in the settings menu. (Pictured above)

Select 'Add Nominal Account'.

A new window will display and you enter the 'Name' and 'Account Code' information to the new nominal.

Select 'Create Nominal Account' to save the new nominal account code.

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