Asset register

The Asset Register contains a searchable, customisable, downloadable list of all assets on the system.

The Asset Register index page is comprised of two sections - Assets and Pending Assets.


Assets are products with unique IDs. A created asset can be comprised of one or many parts. Serial numbers should be applied to assets. These can be applied by editing the asset.

Pending Assets

A pending asset is a created part which can be converted into a unique asset available as stock. This can be done in bulk using the relevant importer, or individually as follows:

Users can convert pending assets by clicking View on the pending asset line, 

then clicking the Convert button.

Selecting this will open a modal containing a number of editable fields.
The convert asset modal

Once all fields have been completed, select 'Convert Asset.' The newly-created asset will be removed from the 'Pending Assets' list and moved to the 'Assets' list.

Input and Output Assets for Job Cards

Please see Bulk Assignment of Input and Output Asset serial numbers for Cob Cards

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