Pro-forma Invoices

Pro-forma Invoices - you can now raise and send a pro-forma invoice to a customer for payment! 

Where there is a risk of non-payment, Flowlens Pro-forma Invoices give Xero, QuickBooks and Sage users the option to keep their accounts clean.

Once paid the pro-forma invoice can be converted into a Sales Invoices and sent to Xero, QuickBooks or Sage as normal. 

Pro-forma invoices are generated from the relevant Sales Order page. Create the Sales Order and send (or mark as sent), then click Actions > Generate Pro-Forma Invoice.

You'll be taken to the Edit view of the new Pro-Forma Invoice, where you can adjust wording, add a customer reference or add or remove line items:

The Pro-Forma Invoice can then be emailed from Flowlens, marked as sent, or downloaded as a PDF:

When ready, you can convert the Pro-Forma Invoice into a Sales Invoice for sending via Xero, QuickBooks or Sage 50 by clicking 'Generate Sales Invoice'.

You can also see a list of of pro-forma invoices via the Pro-forma-invoices page under the Sales menu.

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