User permissions

! In order to prevent the sharing or leaking of confidential data, users are unable to change their own permissions.

Administrators should assign user permissions during user creation. These can be changed at any time by navigating to 'Users' in the Settings menu, clicking on the the user in question, selecting 'Edit User' from the Actions drop-down and adding/removing permissions in the relevant 'Permissions' table.

Note: All users should have 'Base User'. Only authorised users should have 'Admin User' as this gives access to the Settings.

Permissions field (settings> user > create/edit user)

The remaining Permissions relate to the main Flowlens modules, e.g. (Sales, Stock, Projects etc). Select the modules that relate to the person's role in your company. For Sales users, you can apply 'Sales - Own' and/or 'Enquiries - Own' to limit visible to the Enquiries and/or Leads owned by that users.

When inviting users to a Trial Flowlens system, we recommend applying all permissions so your team can understand how the joined-up workflows operate.

Restrict Data Downloads

You can also restrict whether a user can download data in bulk using the PDF / CSV / XLXS buttons found on most reports and index pages.

Require Approval for Purchase Orders and Quotations

Switch these on, select another User as Approver, and optionally specify monetary limits that trigger the approval workflow.

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