Sending A Purchase Invoice to Xero

In most cases you'll have created a Purchase Order in Flowlens, and wish to generate one or more purchases invoices against this.

  • Navigate to the Purchase Order you wish to invoice, next either...
    • Click Actions, and Generate Invoice, or
    • Click Actions, Receive Items to create a GRN, Approve it and then Generate Invoice
  • Check the line items and details, and click Save Invoice
  • Click Actions, and click either
    • 'Authorise Invoice' to send a finalised invoice, or
    • 'Send to Accountancy Package' to send a draft invoice to Xero
    • If the Company is not found in Xero, you'll be asked whether you wish to create a new company, or associate with an existing Xero record.
  • To Refresh the status of the invoice from Xero, click Actions - Refresh from Accountancy Package. If a payment has been logged in Xero, this will update the status. Please note that Flowlens automatically checks the status of 'Authorised' status invoices once a day. 


  • Users must have the 'Finance' in order to create and send invoices.
  • Please ensure your Flowlens Administrator has updated Nominal Accounts and Tax Rates from Xero via the Flowlens Settings.
  • To generate a Purchase Invoice without a Purchase Order, simply navigate to the Flowlens Finances > Purchase Invoices page, and create an invoice directly.

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