Xero Accounts Integration FAQs

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How to do I connect my Xero account to Flowlens?
Please visit this page for step by step instructions.

Can any user generate invoices?
No only users with the 'Finance' permission may generate sales invoices, purchase invoices, or credit notes and send these to Xero.

Will my team have access to my Xero accounts data?
No, Flowlens users cannot access your Xero account. Flowlens displays payment status information refreshed from Xero.

Why will my Nominal Accounts not refresh properly?
Please check in your Xero Chart of Accounts section that all Nominal Accounts have account codes as well as names. Please also check archived codes as well as currently active. The refresh will fail if any codes are not present.

I cannot send an invoice in an alternative currency.
You may need to upgrade your Xero account in order to handle multiple currencies.

Do I have to manually refresh my invoices and credit notes to update payment status?
No, on a daily based Flowlens automatically checks Authorised and Draft invoices that have been sent to Xero. You can click the Actions > Refresh from Accountancy Package option if you wish to update any item manually in between automatic updates.

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